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We have the knowledge and experience to help you leverage cloud services and set your organization apart from your competitors!
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Our Services

Our Services

Are you looking for a trusted Microsoft 365 (Dynamics & Office) partner with a proven track record?

The HShilling, Inc. family reference (our customers) speak for themselves. If you are looking to leverage these tools to do more without adding more resources or use these tools to set you apart from your competitors, we are the team to help you. Whether a small business, large corporation or a non-profit wanting to leverage native Dynamics 365/ Microsoft 365 features or if you need a highly customized solution, the HShilling, Inc. team has the skills and resources to deliver your needs on time and on a budget!

Microsoft Dynamics

Bring CRM and ERP capabilities together with Microsoft Dynamics 365—intelligent business applications that help run your business end-to-end in the cloud.

Custom Dev / Integrations

We have helped many customers leverage existing off-the-shelf portal solutions or written complete custom websites/portals to allow them to connect to either B2C/B2B. We have the right solution to meet your requirements and budget.

Microsoft 365

Collaborate using the latest Microsoft 365 tools. Microsoft Teams (for collaboration, meetings, & telephony services), OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange, and the Microsoft desktop apps.

Third Party Applications

We pride ourselves on partnering with other companies to meet your needs. If you need an integration tool like Scribe Software or mapping for Dynamics 365 with Maplytics, we are your go to certified partner.

Managed IT Services

Need 24/7 support for your IT needs?  We've got you covered with fully managed service packages and a 24/7 support line.


We also know that customers have need for financial applications so we have partnered with Great Plains Equity Business Solutions to help our GP customers. We have many other partnerships too.


"HShilling, Inc. has a strong ability to make Dynamics CRM succumb to the customers will! HShilling, Inc. customer service is the best I have ever experienced. HShilling, Inc. team never sleeps."

Paul Sterud

( Director of IT )

Experience and Philosophy

With resources averaging 25+ years of helping businesses leverage technology, you not only get a better solution in the end but save time and money. You do not pay a resource to learn what they are doing on your dollar, we do not bill for including multiple resources on calls, or for allowing new team members to listen in to keep our team up to speed. We would also never bill our customers for time to repair our errors.

Best Practices

Our resources have been doing this for a long-time. We recommend a starting point based on industry best practices and our years of experience. Not from a blank slate for every customer. This saves you time and money. We apply our Fit and Finish templates to the basic implementations and then engage your team to extend and tailor the tools to meet your specific business requirements and needs.

About Company 


We are your Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 SMB Specialists with 25+ years of experience. Whether you are an on-premise, hybrid, or cloud customer, we have experience with hundreds of projects all across the United States and against many verticals.

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