We continue to expand our services based on feedback from our customers. As part of listening to them, we continue to evolve. This page allows us to remote into your desktops and troubleshoot issues quicker. To begin the support process if you have not done so already follow the directions below. You can then email or call us.

Step 1: To start the process to get support, CLICK HERE !!

Step 2: Here is the tricky part. Different browsers allow you to download and save files differently. If you are using a Microsoft browser you can Select "Save As" and Select where to put it "C:\Users\Public\Documents." If you are using another browser it usually saves to the browsers "Downloads" folder. No matter what browser you are using you needs to save the file. Once it is downloaded you need to go to that download location and Copy that file the following location on your PC "C:\Users\Public\Documents"

Step 3: After copying or saving in into it "C:\Users\Public\Documents," please Double Click "aeroadmin.exe."

Step 4: You may get the following message, Click on YES.

Step 5: Great job, our version of AeroAdmin should be installed and running. For us to connect to you, we need to know your remote computer IP number. To do that Click on the "^" up arrow in the lower right corner of your screen in your system tray, then Right Click on the "HS" icon and Select "Show AeroAdmin".

Step 6: You are done and can call or email us with your remote IP number. Note: "See Additional Step Below"


Additional Step: If you are level 2/3 support customer or want to make it easier for us to remote support you, we want you to do one more thing. We might need to access your PC after hours or when you are at lunch. We want you to enable it to run all the time. Click on Connection and Service. If you do not do this step we will need you to run the EXE again every time you call us.